Quick and Healthy Infused Water Ideas

How do you stay hydrated? 

Soda is a favourite for many because of its thirst-quenching qualities and the many flavours it’s available in. However, soda is notorious for its high sugar content. The diet soda option isn’t any better either as instead of sugar, there are chemicals present that may actually do the opposite and cause weight gain. Juice is another option and it is more nutritious, but also similar to soda when it comes to calorie count, carbohydrates, and sugar content. While bottled water may be a healthier alternative option for some, drinking it has many consequences especially when it comes to its effect on our environment. 

Good old water

At the end of the day, nothing beats water. Tap or filtered water is always the best way to go. Taking your body weight in pounds and drinking half of that number in ounces, or at least 8 glasses of water a day should be the norm for everyone. However, it is often easier said than done as drinking just plain water tend to be boring and monotonous in taste for some.

The fun and healthier option

There are ways to spice or liven up your drinking water to quench your thirst. One way is through infused water. Don’t expect infused water to be sweet though! It’ll taste like regular water but with a touch of flavour that has little to no sweetness. Think of the lemon water found at restaurants but with more variety. Also known as detox water to some, infused water has a variety of benefits other than getting yourself the right amount of water. Its advantage over the plain kind is that it’s combined with all the natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in fruits and herbs. These are often found at spas, and luckily enough, they are easy to make at home so you can make these yourself! 

Must Have Ingredients and Items 


  • Fruit - Any fruit (except bananas) will suffice. It’s better that the fruits you choose to use are ripe so that you can get the best sweetness and flavour from them. Fresh fruits are the better choice but if it is out of season, frozen fruits will do as well. Always make sure that the fruits are thoroughly washed before use.
  • Herbs - These are optional, however herbs can complement the fruit flavours really well.
  • Jars or pitchers - Mason jars will do as long as they are of the right size (2 quarts). Fruit infusion pitchers are also a welcome option to make straining the fruits easier.
  • Wooden Spoon or Muddler - This is used to mash the fruits and herbs.
  • Water - Tap or filtered water will do. 

    Citrus-Flavoured Water 

    Fruits needed: orange, lime, lemons

    Slice the fruits into rounds and add to the jar. Mash them with the handle of a wooden spoon, enough to release the juices while still keeping them intact. Fill the jar with ice and pour water until it reaches the top of the jar. Stir with the spoon, put a lid on, and chill.

    Pineapple and Mint Flavoured Water

    Fruits and herbs needed: pineapple, mint

    Add a sprig of mint on the jar, either the whole thing or the leaves taken out depending on your preference. Muddle the mint by bruising the leaves with a spoon to release the flavours. Add the pineapple bits and press or twist with the muddler to release its flavours. Add the ice then the water. Stir, cover, and chill. 

    Watermelon Rosemary Flavoured Water

    Fruits and herbs needed: watermelon, rosemary

    Add the sprig of rosemary to the jar and gently muddle as it can release a strong flavour without much muddling. Add the cubes of watermelon and proceed to twist and press gently to release its juices. Fill the jar with ice, add water, cover, and chill in the fridge. 

    Much more combinations

    Strawberry + Mint is a good combination if you desire something refreshing yet a bit sweet. If you are looking for a bit of Asian flavour, Mango + Ginger may be a good recipe to try. If you want something fancier, try the combination of Blueberry + Pear. A drink to make you feel Christmassy would be to mix Pear + Apple + Cranberry with its tasty flavour. 

    It takes only a few minutes of your day to make infused water, which can liven up your hydration habit. These can last for up to 3 days when covered with a lid and placed in the refrigerator. If you really want something sweeter, try to add some sugar syrup, honey, or one teaspoon of sugar. It still makes for a healthier option as a single can of juice or soda can contain up to 10 teaspoons of sugar. For first timers, infused water may seem like an acquired taste but with its benefits over sweetened beverages, it is something worth trying. 

    Make sure you get the most out of your infused water concoction with clean-tasting filtered water. Check out IVO Water Purifier and see how it makes your water cleaner and safer as you drink better.






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