How the Right Kind of Water Filter Helps with Water Conservation

Everyone is no stranger to the importance of water in keeping us healthy and functioning well. It is thus vital to conserve this precious resource.


There are numerous things we can do to conserve water at home. Did you know that using a water filter is one of them?


For one, home-filtered water can be stored in pitchers or carafes for future use. It allows for the convenience of being able to just take the water that you need when you need it, dispelling the practice of hoarding packs of plastic-bottled water. 


Filter pitchers and dispensers, the most common type among households in North America, serve this function well. This type is also the most basic. You simply fill the reservoir with water from your tap and let it go through the filter, often made with granular activated carbon. Filtered water then trickles down into the main container where it can be kept until you need it. Available in many sizes and styles, filter pitchers and dispensers are generally inexpensive.


One other popular type of water filter is the reverse osmosis system, meant for those looking for more efficiency. Reverse osmosis refers to the removal of fine contaminants by forcing them through a membrane. The filter is semi-permeable and is selective in allowing what passes and what doesn’t, making sure that contaminants are removed from the water. While this process is highly efficient in removing microscopic impurities and microorganisms in tap water, the entire process is wasteful – for every gallon of filtered water produced, 4 gallons are wasted down the drain. Other RO systems even produce as much as 20 gallons of wastewater!


Reverse osmosis systems are very pricey too, bulky and tedious to maintain.


But there is an efficient, affordable, and compact filtration system that is more conservative in its use of water – the IVO Faucet-Mounted Water Purifier has an advanced 4-stage filtration process that features the unique Hollow Fiber Membrane – the same technology used in dialysis machines and artificial kidneys in the medical field. This medical-grade filtration technology filters microscopic impurities and microorganisms as little as 0.1 micron – that includes bacteria, microplastics, and even sub-microplastics! 


IVO’s efficient filtration system doesn’t produce any wastewater, giving you filtered water on-demand – straight from the tap and only when you need it. Furthermore, its unfiltered spray feature can help in reducing water consumption by as much as 30% as the spray has a bigger area of coverage than water flowing straight from the tap.


Drink water that is clean and safe and lets you do your part in conserving water.  Learn more about IVO here.






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