Drinking Water to Keep Your Hair & Skin Healthy

Many of us want healthy hair and skin that we tend to hoard hair and skin care products in our endless search for the best ways to keep them healthy. We are easily hooked to the latest trends that we miss out on the easiest and most important way to keep our hair and skin healthy - just by simply drinking water!

The benefits of water are endless since it accounts for a vast percentage of our body. Each drop of water in our bodies is essential to every cell so it’s not surprising that water can keep our hair and skin healthy too.

Here's some important benefits of water for healthy, soft, and growing hair:

  1. Sufficient nutrients for the whole body to your hair: Water contains an ingredient that supports vital minerals. It is a huge factor that allows your body to function well and has the responsibility for your hair growth as well as the volume of your hair. The more water your body receives, the healthier and longer your hair grows.


  1. Natural Hair Moisturizer: When it comes to naturally moisturizing hair, water can effectively moisturize your hair follicles as it runs throughout your scalp. As a result, it improves your hair to become softer and luxuriant.


  1. Hydrated Scalp: Water effectively hydrates your scalp up to your hair’s end. When the roots are hydrated, it eliminates toxins from your scalp through the sweat glands. It also avoids hair problems such as dandruff, split ends, and dry or brittle hair. Healthy scalp = healthy hair!


There’s more! Now, we’ll share some important benefits of water, but this time, for healthy, radiant and glowing skin:


  1. Balances natural oils on your body to your hair: Without water, the skin begins to wither, and prolonged dehydration causes skin problems. Water balances the natural oils that your body needs, resulting in healthy and glowing skin.


  1. Healthier skin cells: Water flushes out the unnecessary toxins in your body keeping the skin cells of your body healthy. Our skin consists of water, and it needs natural hormones, fluids, and nutrition that comes from drinking good old H2O.

  1. Hydrated Skin: To keep your skin cells hydrated, water is needed as it eliminates and prevents the risks of skin problems such as acne and blemishes and helps improve and hydrate your skin perfectly.


As advised time and time again, drinking plenty of water can do wonders for our overall health and wellness.

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