Benefits of Using Filtered Water in Cooking

When it comes to cooking, quality is key - from your ingredients to the equipment, choosing the best makes a big difference. 


One key ingredient that you may not be thinking too much about is the water that you use for cooking. To bring out the best in your home-cooked creations, it is advisable to use filtered water and here’s why:


Better Taste


Tap water undergoes chlorine treatment as a necessary step to ensure its safety. Oftentimes, though, residual chlorine remains, thereby affecting how tap water smells and tastes. Using a filtration system easily addresses this problem.


Filtered water doesn’t have the odd taste that chlorine and other chemicals impart, thereby enhancing the overall flavour of food.


Cleaner & Livelier Produce


When shopping for fruits and vegetables, it is rather common to see soil still sitting on the skin of root crops such as potatoes, or that waxy film on apples. Washing fruits and vegetables ensures removal of organic matter and substances that may remain from when they were harvested, handled and packed for selling.


And while tap water is good enough for washing your produce, residual chlorine and other chemicals may not only leave an odd taste on them, but also make them look dull and unappetizing. Cleaning fruits and vegetables with filtered water is a way to keep their natural flavours and vibrant colours intact. 


Better Bread 

Whether you’re a novice or long-time bread baker, we’ve got a tip that will guarantee you better baking results – use filtered water!


It is said that residual chlorine and other chemicals that may be present in tap water can have an effect on the ability of yeast to rise. These can result in distorted gluten structures and loaves that barely rise, most especially with sour dough. Many restaurants use filtered water in all of their yeast recipes for this same reason.


Given all these benefits, there is clear reason to make filtered water a key ingredient in your cooking. A simple and compact filtration system like the IVO Water Purifier helps give you not only better-tasting meals but also ensures you get all the nutrition from all the combined ingredients in your food, including from water. IVO’s medical-grade hollow fiber membrane technology, you see, is highly efficient in removing even microscopic impurities all while retaining essential minerals naturally found in drinking water such as calcium and magnesium.


Learn more about how we make drinking water healthier, safer, and eco-friendly here with IVO. 






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