You have probably heard of the 8x8 rule > drink 8 of 8 oz. glasses of water per day.

But what is really the optimal way to drink your water? Hot or cold? While there are many known benefits of drinking hot water, you may not be thrilled to choose the warm variety during this time of the year and opt to enjoy a glass of cold water instead. And you’ll be pleased to know that drinking cold water also has benefits:

  1. Cold water is your best workout partner

A review of several studies on WebMD revealed that drinking cold water is not only refreshing during a workout, but it also helps you keep your core body temperature lower, allowing you to exercise more. This is especially true for outdoor exercises such as cycling and running, where cold-water drinkers appeared to be able to exercise longer and experience less fatigue.


  1. Cold water can help boost your metabolism

A study published in active magazine featured a finding from German researchers on how drinking 6 cups of cold water a day can help raise your metabolism by about 50 calories a day –about as much calories you would burn after a 15-minute walk. This is most likely related to how our body works more aggressively when taking in cold water to maintain our internal temperature, which burns sugar and fats along the process.


  1. Drinking cold water reduces the chances of getting heat stroke

Heat stroke is a common health issue during the summer season. Drinking plenty of fluids such as a glass of cold water can help soothe your body and even out your body temperature, thus reducing the chances of heat stroke. 



Ultimately, the most important thing is to keep your body hydrated throughout the day – be it with hot or cold water.


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